Managing Your Time Effectively

The best way of managing your time is being able to follow the three-composed studying, 1. preparation, 2. lecture, and 3. review. Using Rule of thumb: two hours of studying for everyone in class could help being an organized student and always get the work required of you done, also setting a goal for yourself to be able to get all your work done such as, setting a specific due date to get work done by using an agenda

Also make time to take care of your health, make sure throughout the day you take small breaks to rest your brain and eat, so if something comes up during the day that was unplanned you won’t be burned out.

To stay on track with your studies you need to prepare notes before you attend class you, and during class you can add extra information needed, review them after the lecture. You may need to organize your review times based on your schedule. To keep you organized you need to create a study timetable to help you stay on track, in the timetable you will need to include class time, study time, work obligation commitments, meal time, and extra time to be able to rest. If the timetable does not help you to organize your time you can also try to use the calendar app on your phone.

An academic work requires you to be flexible. Scheduling system has to be able to handle it. Make sure to put when is the deadline on your phone reminder or on agenda to keep you on track. Another strategy you could use is strategic thinking, and you’re in much more control of your stress, if you start working on something you are more inclined to finish it with following a time management strategy in learning process. Strategize your time use according to your objective that you use. You need to make realistic time expectation for tasks, if you have some time before the deadline, divide the work up over days. When it gets closer, divide it up over hours. Try to aim to review notes for at least an hour some time before class, if possible, when you have a free day, and other days that are very busy, try to use the free day to prepare ahead for the busy. A good idea is to use weekends for one-off assignments.

Many students will make a timetable, and then throw it out within the first week, top students stick on their schedules for months or even a whole year. Figure out when you work best, and save those times for doing school work, rather than non-academic activities. Advised, when writing a timetable, to begin with scheduling times for things other than studying. This will help ensure that students wont neglect doing the things they love and ultimately throw out the timetable. If you take the public transit try to make use of the small starches of time available to you. Also, don’t let one subject suck up all your energy try to use your time effectively while studying. Over all make sure you have time to do stuff you love keeps you happy and balanced. Your time management skills lay the foundation for the rest of the year.




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